Regulations of

§ 1. General provisions

  1. Terms used hereinafter signify:
    1) Regulations – this document which regulates the conditions of provision of online services provided by Spidersys. The User shall take cognisance of the Regulations before using the online services offered by Spidersys, in particular before submitting enquiry via contact form, enrolling for newsletter service or submitting a job application in response to the notice regarding a job offer.
    2) Site – webpage with its tabs and functionalities working under address of
    3) Spidersys – the entity operating the Site, being the service provider within the meaning of the laws on Rendering Electronic Services, remaining:
    Spidersys sp. z o.o. (Spidersys Limited Liability Company) with a registered office in Warsaw, at 41A Kielecka Street (02-530 Warsaw), registered in National Court Register (KRS) registry with No. 0000601401, being in possession of Tax Identification Number (NIP): 7822608406 and National Business Registry Number (REGON): 363706345.
    Spidersys’ office and correspondence address: 7 Bydgoska Street, 62-510 Konin
    e-mail address:
    telephone number:
    +48 500 091 631
    4) User – a person not being Spidersys using a Site.
    5) Service – a Service provided online by Spidersys with the use of the Site, permitting its Users to:
    a. acquaint themselves with the contents uploaded on the Site by Spidersys or other Users,
    b. share contents by Them in accordance to this Regulations,
    c. contact Spidersys through the contact form submitted on the Site,
    d. acquaint themselves with the offer of Spidersys and information regarding its activity,
    e. enroll for and receive the Newsletter containing the contents related to the Site and activity of Spidersys
    f. submit job applications in response to published notices regarding job offers.
    6) Durable medium – material or device, which permits the consumer or entrepreneur to store information directed personally to them in a way that allows access to the information in the future throughout the time it may be required for its purposes, and permits the retrieval of the stored information in the unchanged form.
  2. To use the Services provided by Spidersys, Users are required to have at disposal the devices with the operative systems: MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7 & 8, MS Windows XP SP-3, MacOS X 10.4.8 or its newer versions, and one of the popular browsers (e.g. Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Opera). To display the totality of the contents submitted on the Site it is necessary to activate Javascript function and cookies files support. Site is available for Users for 24 hours, 7 days a week, on all the devices with the Internet access, subject to requirements stated in the heretofore sentences of this section. Spidersys stipulates the right to interrupt the access to the Site due to the necessity of conducting conservation and modernisation works.
  3. Spidersys provides Services for the Users of the Site within the scope and under conditions stated in this Regulations. It forms the integral part of the contracts of provision of online Services concluded between Spidersys and Users of the Site. Everyone may take cognisance of its contents before commencing the usage of Services, and initiating particular Services constitutes the acceptance of Regulations and thereby the User is obliged to compliance with its provisions.
  4. The integral part of this Regulations is the Privacy Policy available on the webpage
  5. Due to continuous development of the Services, their scope or functionality may be subject to changes. Spidersys will inform about those changes on the Site, simultaneously reserving the right to limit the access or changes of Services for determined period of time or indefinitely.
  6. Spidersys processes all the personal data of the Users, necessary to enter into, form contents of, amend or dissolve contracts on provision of online services, only with the aim of the correct provision of the Services and in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016. Detailed conditions on personal data processing, as well as instructions and information about rights Users are entitled to are included in the Privacy Policy submitted on the Site.
  7. At any time, the User may dissolve a contract on online provision of services by terminating the usage of the Site and subsequently halting the access to the Site in the browser. In case of the User who enrolled for the Newsletter, they may, at any time, request halting the Newsletter provision by submitting adequate disposition to Heretofore said withdrawal constitutes the dissolution of the contract on online provision of services, however does not cause the dissolution of other contracts entered into with Spidersys via Site.
  8. Spidersys informs, that within the Site, submitting by the User any contents of unlawful character or informations contravening mores is prohibited. In particular, the User must not use the Site to send or submit information or data leading to disruption of work or overload of the IT systems of Spidersys or other entities participating directly and indirectly in the online services provision (e.g. web hosting service provider, etc.).
  9. Contents, pages and services of the Site are protected by the Polish law and international intellectual property laws, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, right to privacy and personality rights („Intellectual Property Laws”). Spidersys and its Site Users retain all the Intellectual Property Laws of the submitted contents. User is obliged to comply with those Laws.
  10. User acknowledges that by using the Site they do not acquire any Intellectual Property Laws of its contents or any Services. User is liable for compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding the use of the contents of the Site.
  11. Spidersys does not control the computing environment of the User, however, before using the Site recommends to ensure if their computing environment is safe and in accordance with the requirements. Spidersys is not liable for possible consequences of not complying with heretofore recommendations.
  12. Spidersys recommends also the use of antivirus softwares. Spidersys is not liable for functioning of any destructive programs (e.g. viruses) in IT infrastructure of the User.
  13. In special cases affecting the safety and stability of the IT system, Spidersys is entitled to temporarily halt or limit the provision of the Services without the previous notice and to conduct works serving the purpose of reestablishing the safety and stability of the IT system.

§ 2. Other provisions

  1. User by accepting this Regulations agrees to gathering and sharing by Spidersys the statistics on the presence and activity on the Site. Data are gathered automatically and may be used to analysis of the activity of Users.
  2. With the purpose of tracking statistical changes and provision of the highest quality services, Spidersys uses the information saved by the server on the computer of the User, which is afterward read with every connection of the browser (so-called cookies). User, at any time, may change the settings of the browser thus it will not accept such files or it will inform about their transferring. It shall be remembered that lack of acceptance of cookies files may lead to impediments in the use of the Site.
  3. User is entitled to lodge complaints in regard to provision of online services, using one of the communication methods indicated in the paragraph 1 heretofore. Spidersys considers the complaint within 14 days from is lodgement.
  4. Spidersys is entitled to halt, change, suspend or pause, temporarily or permanently every aspect of the Site or Services without indicating a reason, at its sole discretion.
  5. Spidersys may also impose limitations on particular functions and services or limit the access to the part or totality of the Site or Services without prior notice.
  6. User acknowledges that Spidersys may impede them the use of the Site and Services, cancel their registration, or impede them the use of the functions of the Site, without notice, if in possession of reasonable grounds to consider that they infringed provisions of this Regulations, infringed rights of Spidersys or third parties or the actions they undertake are for criminal purposes. User acknowledges that Spidersys shall not be liable therefrom.
  7. Each of the following behaviours constitutes the infringement of Regulations and may lead to blocking the possibility of using the Site:
    1) lack of respect of privacy and views of other Users;
    2) using the Site with unlawful purposes or to support any unlawful activities;
    3) identity theft;
    4) sending spam;
    5) infringement or appropriation of intellectual property laws of other people;
    6) publishing materials which are obscene, libellous, harmful, offensive, threatening, or false;
    7) publishing materials that infringe any laws or regulations.
  8. By sending to Spidersys, messages, files, images, texts, data, contents and other materials or delivering them in any other manner via the Site or out of it, for the time of the use of the Site, one grants Spidersys international, irrevocable, unlimited, non-exclusive, free of charge license on using (therewith their use for the promotional and advertising purposes), copying, sublicensing, adapting, sharing, playing, reproducing, sending, modifying, editing, creating derivative works and any other use of the ideas and originally sent materials in any purpose and in any known currently and in invented in the future methods.
  9. User by using the Site shares the right to the handed materials and acknowledges, that they will not receive any remuneration.  
  10. User pledges they are the owner of all the rights to the materials handed to Spidersys
  11. By using the Site the User acknowledges that Spidersys is entitled to, but not obliged to monitor materials submitted to the Site, at any time, for any reason, at its sole discretion with the purpose of determining the compliance with this Regulations and all other laws, rules and guidelines. Notwithstanding this right, Spidersys does not execute inspection of all the materials submitted on the Site. Spidersys stipulates the right to edit, disclose, refuse the submission, order the erasure or erase any material partially or in its totality, at its sole discretion without limitations if it is required to execute any law, upon request of governmental regulations or agency or at its sole discretion if these materials are inappropriate or infringe this Regulations. Spidersys is not liable towards Users or any other person or entity due to execution or lack of execution of heretofore activities.
  12. This Regulations is effective as of 01.01.2023. roku.
  13. Spidersys stipulates the right to amend Regulations. Amendments to Regulations become effective within the time indicated by Spidersys, not shorter than 7 days from the moment of submission of amended Regulations on the webpage of the Site.
  14. In the scope of the applicable laws permitting the choice of the appropriate legislation, the contract of provision of online services under this Regulations is subject to Polish law.
  15. Conflicts which may arise with respect to provision of the online Services through enquiry form, as well as application of this Regulations, in case of conflicts with the Users who are not consumers, will be settled by common court of jurisdiction over the registered office of Spidersys. In case of conflicts with the Users who are consumers, jurisdiction stated in the provisions of the applicable laws shall be applied, whereas such User may avail themselves of non-judicial settlement of the conflicts in Permanent Consumer Arbitration Courts at Mazovian Voivodeship Inspectorate of the Trade Inspection in Warsaw of local jurisdiction. Informations on the access to this mode and procedures for settling conflicts are available under address:, and User being a consumer may also use internet platform ODR, available under address: