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Going abroad with your own business – documents from A to Z

Going abroad with your own business – documents from A to Z

If you decide to go abroad to work, you will need to run your own business. 

The devil is not as black as it’s painted though.

If you run one – that’s great! If not, no worries either. Starting a business sounds like torment to many. But nothing could be more wrong. The proverbial devil is really not that scary.

What you need to start with is completing a few formalities and filling out a few documents. It’s important to do it in the right order. 

Starting a business

Step 1

Currently, most of the steps can be done online. You should start setting up a company by logging in to the Entrepreneur’s Account at biznes.gov.pl and filling in the CEIDG form (entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity). 

Step 2

The CEIDG application should include, among others, the type of activity. You will determine the activities that your company will perform using the Polish Classification of Activities, which includes their detailed list. Only the numbers of selected activities are entered in the CEIDG form. 

Step 3

When completing the form, you will also choose the form of income taxation. Most traders choose basic tax rates, however, it is worth becoming familiar with all forms of taxation. 

Step 4

In the CEIDG form, it will be necessary to indicate the entity that will keep the company’s financial records. If at the stage of filling in the application, you do not have such knowledge, you should choose the option of keeping records yourself, and later you will simply update the entry (providing the data of the selected accounting office). 

Step 5

ZUS – here it will be necessary to submit one of the two basic documents: ZZA (registration for health insurance only) or ZUA (registration for all contributions). If you want to register a family member for health insurance, you will also need to fill in the ZCNA form.

Step 6

Tax Office – your NIP number remains unchanged. However, if you want to make intra-Community transactions, you must first register as an EU VAT taxpayer. In the CEIDG form, you inform the Tax Office about the chosen form of taxation and thus the type of accounting documentation – these steps are already behind you.

What’s next?

Phew, setting up a business (valid with NIP, VAT EU) is already behind you! Congratulations! 

Here is the list of documents that will allow you to work in Germany with Spidersys:

  1. CEiDG excerpt
  2. Certificate from ZUS on A1 form
  3. NIP, VAT EU (preceded by the letters PL)
  4. Tax exemption from the Tax Office (tax on construction services) in Germany, the so-called Freistellungsbescheinigung zum Steuerabzug bei Bauleistungen, so-called EStG (if you already have an accountant, they will certainly help you get this document),
  • EHIC card issued by the National Health Fund
  • Business liability insurance (the insurance coverage amount should be at a minimum of PLN 250,000 – it must cover protection against damage caused at the construction site) – we can assist you in this matter 

We’ve got it!

As you can see, we were right. It looked like a tortuous road and it turned out that you are now at the end of it, and at the beginning of the next one. Now you can work abroad with Spidersys to fulfil yourself. To meet your professional aspirations. To start the next stage on the path leading to professional satisfaction.