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Going abroad with your own business – documents from A to Z

If you decide to go abroad to work, you will need to run your own business.  The devil is not as black as it’s painted though. If you run one – that’s great! If not, no worries either. Starting a business sounds like torment to many. But nothing could be more wrong. The proverbial devil […]

Is speaking a foreign language necessary?

The decision to work abroad may raise many questions. One of them is whether it is necessary to know a foreign language. Then doubts arise. You wonder if you will be able to communicate if your knowledge of the language is not too good or none at all. Thanks to this article, we will help […]

Is it worth working abroad?

The very fact that you are reading this question is proof that you are considering it. And that’s good. The worst thing is getting stuck in one place. Therefore, if you are looking for alternatives for yourself, want to start a new stage in life or simply have a better-paid job, do not be afraid […]