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What is team leasing?

What is team leasing?

You can do more with us

How many times a good order was at your fingertips, but you were limited by the number of employees you had? The lack of appropriate professionals from the hydraulic and electrical industry may pose a real problem. Recruitment processes can be tedious and long. Do you know it? Exactly. That is why team leasing was created.

What is team leasing?

Team Leasing is nothing more than hiring a whole larger team of people or several employees. So if you need a team that will act quickly, be competent and work in a good, proven and effective way – this solution is just for you. Your expectations and the tasks to be allocated must be as clearly defined and specified as possible. Spidersys has been working with plumbers and electricians for years. If your company lacks qualified employees, it is worth taking advantage of team leasing. 

Time savings and quick reaction

It has been known for a long time that a single recruitment process is a considerable burden (also a financial one) for the company, which can significantly slow down its operation. It is obvious that most of the time, permanent employees are the main core. However, if the specificity of the order or project requires quick recruitment of employees with specific skills (plumbers, electricians), then the team leasing method seems to be the most appropriate. 

Spidersys is able to quickly select and provide you with the team offering the best skills for a given order. The leased team can quickly commence the implementation of the entrusted tasks. Thanks to the experience of the members working with previous companies, it will be easier for you to find yourself in the new situation. All this means that team leasing can be a very good solution for both parties.