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How to save money when recruiting an employee?

In order to function efficiently, your company must react quickly to current market needs. If we add the so-called seasonal factor to it, it may sometimes turn into a real rollercoaster. Therefore, in order to fully achieve your business goals and remain competitive in the market, you – as the employer – should ensure that […]

Why is it worth having an employee from Poland?

More and more companies are struggling with the problem of staff shortages. There are many reasons. The situation can be particularly difficult in the high season and it often affects the construction industry. Therefore, if you are struggling with problems related to staff shortages, it is worth cooperating with employees from Poland. Why is it […]

What is team leasing?

You can do more with us How many times a good order was at your fingertips, but you were limited by the number of employees you had? The lack of appropriate professionals from the hydraulic and electrical industry may pose a real problem. Recruitment processes can be tedious and long. Do you know it? Exactly. […]